Preschool Programs in Ottawa Area

Knowing the alphabet is only part of being ready for kindergarten. To be prepared for school, children must also be excited and curious about learning and confident they can succeed.  Participating in a high-quality preschool program such as the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), Head Start or tuition-based programs can help give children the skills they need to enter kindergarten ready to learn. These programs also teach children how to manage their own feelings and behaviors, understand the feelings of others, and get along with their peers and teachers making the transition to kindergarten that much easier.

Image of Preschool-aged child with backpack

Ottawa Area preschools provide half-day morning and afternoon as well as full-day preschool options with some locations offering wrap-around childcare. Did you know a family of 4 can make up to $90,000 and be eligible for free preschool? Additionally, a family of 4 making up to $120,000 may be eligible for free preschool when considering other factors. Families making over this amount may be eligible for tuition assistance or preschool scholarship programs throughout the county.  By filling out the online application, we can help families find the best fit for their child.

Apply online for all Early Childhood programs including home-based services. Preschool applications can also be found at

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